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Mission Statement of the 

 Memphis Chapter

Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Memphis is the Tennessee Mother Chapter, and the 44th chapter of The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of Americans who share a common interest in the sport of motorcycling and the study of African American History.

We ride under the name of the Buffalo Soldiers to express our pride in, and respect for the many accomplishments they made during the decades following the Civil War. We tell the story of the courageous Buffalo Soldiers and the brave Native American Chiefs and warriors that they fought during the settlement of the American West. We strive to honor this heritage by organizing and participating in various community service programs and projects that enhances and promotes cultural and ethnic awareness.

The Buffalo Soldiers MC of Memphis, Tn. strive to be more than just a motorcycle club. Our goal is to be an organization that serves the community as mentors, partners, and leaders.

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